Does the 2016 budget support BIM Level 3?

From the 4th of April 2016 the government mandate for BIM Level 2 will be in place. Although this is by no means a place to stop our journey, but merely a stepping stone in Brittan’s digital journey.
Currently there are no plans for a mandate for Digital Built Brittan or BIM Level 3, however the 2016 budget does demonstrate the Governments intentions for implementation of a digital industry.

What does the 2016 budget say?

Under the ‘Digital’ heading, Section 2.322 of the Budget 2016 document outlines the plans for digital standards in construction, and states:
”The government will develop the next digital standard for the construction sector – Building George osbourne 2016 budget side shotInformation Modelling 3 – to save owners of built assets billions of pounds a year in unnecessary costs, and maintain the UK’s global leadership in digital construction.”
Another interesting point worth noting is the Governments plans for 5G Connectivity. Also under the ‘Digital’ heading, Section 2.320 covers outlines:
”The government will deliver a 5G strategy in 2017, based on the National Infrastructure Commission assessment of how the UK can become a world leader in 5G. The government will also support the development of a network planning tool, to be trialed in Bournemouth.”

What does this mean for the construction industry?

The allocation of budget for BIM Level confirms the intentions of UK Government to continue to build upon the successes of the Level 2 movement and aligns with aims of the Digital Built Brittan document that the UK will be a global leader in digital construction.
The budget also outlined that the UK must prepare for 5G as the government plan to become a world leader. Improved connectivity will aid the way we work in construction, the increased use of mobile devices and plans for the internet of things can only benefit from increased connectivity!
BIM Crunch carried out an interview with Mark Bew the Chairman of UK BIM Task Group who commented on the supposedly ”small’ budget given to BIM Level 3. Mark Bew however seemed relatively optimistic on the matter outlined that although we have a smaller budget to mobilise BIM Level 3, he is hopeful for further funding after the general election. Mark Bew also goes on to state, “I’m personally determined to see things through. The difference between this and other initiatives in the past is that this is a proper partnership between industry and government.” Which helps up to believe that the digital movement will continue to power on!
The full BIM Crunch article can be found on the BIM crunch website – BIM Crunch Website
And the document can be found here at the governemnet website here – Government Budget 2016

Author: Martin Watson

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