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Drone usage in the UK and worldwide has rocketed in recent years. Industries such as media, sport, and agriculture are capitalising on the functionality of Unmanned Arial Vehicles (UAV) to perform work functions.

This is no different for the AEC industry as many organisations and projects such as Crossrail are now using drones to assist in carrying out work functions.

Features like height lock, automatic landing, GPS functionality are all factors which are making drones attractive for the workplace, although the real selling point is that drones now come fitted with HD cameras to record high-quality aerial footage of areas which were previously hard to reach areas.

This FREE Ebook covers the most important areas AEC professionals will need to know about before purchasing drones and carrying out commercial flights… This include:

  1. Here is how you can use them…
  2. Becoming a Pilot or Hiring a Professional?
  3. Becoming a Pilot
  4. Flying Limitations to be Aware of
  5. Hiring a Drone Pilot
  6. Getting Insured
  7. Which Drone to Buy
  8. Getting Started.

Key Resources Page

5 National qualified entities

5 Drone pilots to Hire

3 Drone Insurance Providers

Top 6 Drones

  1. DJI Matrice 600 (Commercial Drone)
  2. DJI Spreadwings 1000+ (Commercial Drone)
  3. DJI Phantom 4 (Professional Drone)
  4. Inspire 1 (Professional Drone)
  5. Phantom 3 (Professional Drone)
  6. Phantom 2 H4-3D with GoPro and PFV (Professional Drone)


Author: Martin Watson

Lead Editor at Construct Digital – As lead editor Martin reports on topics specifically relating to BIM, digital software and physical technologies which are revolutionising the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry.

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