Can Revit LT be used for BIM?

Revit LT 2017

Lets have a look…

Revit LT

Revit LT is a 3D authoring tool which enables the production of high quality, co-ordinated design documentation in a single 3D model based environment. This platform is built around the Autodesk Revit platform and looks and feels very much the same; however Revit LT does lack a significant amount of features in comparison to the full Autodesk Revit Subscription.

Autodesk have clearly outlined the features which have been stripped from Revit LT, the most noticeable features include:

  • Worksharing
  • A360 Energy Analysis
  • Photo realistic rendering tool (inside the software)
  • Conceptual massing
  • Export to IFC and gbXML file formats

The lack of features does limit the functionality of the software, it is clear collaboration options are limited and only a single person can work on a project at a time. Some minor issues may be overcome by utilising the Autodesk 360 service, for example A360 can be used for rendering or storing 3D models.

How does support BIM?

Revit LT does not support a lot of BIM related features, no worksharing and no exporting to IFC features makes it hard to say that this product supports fully collaborative BIM. Although Revit LT does have many other BIM related features which could be useful for smaller organisations. The LT package offers the chance for organisations to gain experience of creating coordinated, consistent and quantifiable 3D information in a model based environment. The ability to create intelligent building information models with up-to-date design information which can be extracted at multiple stages throughout the project is a great tool for reducing issues and re-work on site. Utilising Autodesk 360’s rendering service could also allow for the creation of impressive 3D visualisations of designs outside of the software.

So who is Revit LT for?

Revit LT is best suited to those construction professionals who have still not made the jump to 3D BIM modelling. Revit LT provides a great, fairly cheap gateway into BIM authoring software allowing smaller organisations to develop their 3D modelling skills and capabilities before stepping up to the more expensive full Autodesk Revit Package.

To give and idea of the pricing, Autodesk LT for a 3 year license is, at the time of writing, priced at £1,296 for a 3 year subscription. Accessing Autodesk Revit through Autodesk’s Building Design Suite for the same duration would come to £7,063.

Offers on each of the Autodesk products mentions can be found through this link to the Autodesk Website.

Revit LT


Author: Martin Watson

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