DJI Spread Wings s1000+

Spread Wings s1000+

Spread Wings s1000+

Suitability for Construction






        Battery Life





            • - Large Carrying Capacity
            • - Foldable Landing Gear
            • - New Power Distrobution System
            • - Safer and More Reliable


            • - Poor Battery Life
            • - Additional Add-Ons Required
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            The DJI Spread Wings 1000+ (S1000+) is part of DJI’s Industrial drone range. The industrial drones have a distinctive design with heavy lifting capabilities for more commercial and industrial uses.

            This S1000‘s main features include:

            • Large Carrying capacity.
            • Foldable flight arms (making it highly portable).
            • New power distribution system.
            • Wide range of shooting angles
            • Reduced vibrations (making clearer footage).
            • Greater power.


            The S1000+ has a more stripped back design to its other professional drones (Phantoms). The lack of smooth finish and rounded plastic body fully represents its industrial purpose.


            Due to the increase in power, the S1000+ can carry up to around 11kg, which is perfect for the transportation of larger equipment and cinematic cameras. The S1000+ can be used with any of the DJI Zenmuse gimbals, meaning it can carry heavy duty DSLR cameras such as the Canon 5D Mark III and more.

            Important features of a commercial drone are safety and reliability when flying around buildings or people. The new power distribution system in this drone drastically improves the safety and reliability of the aircraft ensuring that if a rotor is lost during flight then the drone can still fly to safety.  This feature is very important for pilots wishing to fly in congested areas or close (withing 5/10 meters) of  building or structure – City of London as an example.

            The retractable landing gear makes the drone extremely portable and can be useful for professionals travelling to multiple sites, the drone can easily be packed up and placed in the back of a car.

            The increased reliability, redundancy, and stability of this industrial drone make it a better and safer aircraft for construction and should improve the chances of getting CAA approval for flights in more challenging and risky environments.


            The large carrying capacity means that the S1000+ only gets around 15 minutes of flying time when using the 65 15000mah battery, giving the pilot limited time to get the right shots when flying.

            Although this drone does have a larger carry capacity it is questionable whether this drone is powerful enough for carrying laser scanning and thermal imaging equipment.

            Also, When combining the add-ons required for certain flight requirements to create high-quality professional recording then the price be a lot higher than other models.

            This drone can be used for:

            • Visual inspections of smaller properties.
            • Commercial flights and inspections.
            • Industrial flights and Inspections

            Author: Martin Watson

            Lead Editor at Construct Digital – As lead editor Martin reports on topics specifically relating to BIM, digital software and physical technologies which are revolutionising the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry.

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