Inspire 1 Pro,

Inspire 1 Pro

Inspire 1 Pro

Suitability for Construction






        Battery Life





            • - Integrated 4K Camera
            • - Dual-User Functionality
            • - Live HD Viewing (Lightbridge)
            • - Return to home/ Controller
            • - Retractable Landing Gear


            • - Doesn't Support Tapfly
            • - Doesn't Support Obstacle Avoidance
            • - Lack of Redundancy
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            The DJI Inspire 1 Pro is DJI’s most advanced professional drone package which packs all the advanced UAV technology into one aircraft.


            The DJI Inspire 1 Pro has Dual-User functionality which allows two people to operate the aircraft at the same time. One person controls the flying while the other person controls the camera. This dual person set up allows for better quality video creation and more accurate flying when operating in the more tricky areas.

            This aircraft also has a return-to-home feature but with an impressive twist, the return to home button on the controller triggers the drone to return to the control itself rather than where it took off. So if you’re moving around controlling the drone, for instance walking around a building, the aircraft can fly itself back to the pilot if there are any problems.

            The Inspire 1 Pro controller also has an HDMI output so that the view of the aircraft’s camera can be connected to an external monitor such as a TV or computer screen, or even some FPV (First Person View) glasses.

            This drone is also capable of capturing high-quality 4K video and transmitting in a HD video signal to multiple devices. This aircraft also features the Lightbridge HD downlink which functions with the DJI pilot app allowing for a 720p HD real-time view of everything the camera sees as it flies. This ultra long range wireless system allows for a range of around one mile with minimal lag.

            The Inspire 1 Pro has full 360° camera rotation giving ultimate control over the camera allowing the camera operator to move as fast or as slow as they want.


            For uses in construction, it is hard to find fault with the Inspire 1 Pro.

            But if we were going to be picky, we could say that DJI pilot doesn’t support point of interest where you can lock in a position and it will circle it, nor does it support waypoint GPS navigation where you can set an area and the altitude where you would like the drone to fly and the drone would fly to these locations and take images and return to home.

            If you are looking to turn some heads with your drone you could option to go for the Black Edition which is the upgraded edition of the Inspire 1 Pro, and looks a lot more impressive!

            Author: Martin Watson

            Lead Editor at Construct Digital – As lead editor Martin reports on topics specifically relating to BIM, digital software and physical technologies which are revolutionising the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry.

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