Autodesk Live – Turn Revit Models into Virtual Reality Experiences

Autodesk Live

Up until now, it has always been tricky for designers to demonstrate design intent to clients and usually involved creating time-consuming renderings, video animations, and virtual 3D models. After all, not every client is capable of understanding design intentions from 2D drawing and even 3D model views.

Recent advancements in the use of powerful computer hardware needed to process such large BIM models and the recent release of several high quality and affordable virtual reality headsets opens new doors for designers to demonstrate their design in a more interactive and immersive way.


Last week Autodesk released Autodesk Live – A 3D visualisation service which turns Revit models into interactive 3D environments for both designers and end users. The software comes in the form of a Revit add-on which allows designers to export their Revit model straight to the Autodesk Live Cloud service which process’s the project and returns it as an Autodesk Live virtual environment ready for navigation.

The immersive 3D experience created enables designers to demonstrates their 3D models to clients and stakeholders without the lengthy time-consuming process of generating architectural sketches, renderings, 3D printed models or even exporting to 3D digital models.

Viewers can navigate the model with one click of a button or tap of the screen with the ability to open doors, walk up the stairs and through corridors naturally as if you were in the virtual environment.

There are also a number of editing tools which can enhance the quality of the viewing, the ability to alter rendering styles, add vegetation, add people, furniture, or even alter the head height at which the viewer views the model (perfect for assessing design intent for children, in schools for example).

Also, Geo-located models will allow for realistic internal and external natural lighting arrangements, there is also the ability to turn off and on light switches within rooms in the house.

Models can be viewed in presenter mode via a desktop/ laptop or can be viewed on the free Autodesk live viewer app on the IPad.

Autodesk is currently offering the product out for £30pm which is an introductory offer for a limited time only…


Author: Martin Watson

Lead Editor at Construct Digital – As lead editor Martin reports on topics specifically relating to BIM, digital software and physical technologies which are revolutionising the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry.

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