Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard VR Headset

Google Cardboard VR Headset



    Easy of use


      Easy to learn


        Good support


          BIM Ability



            • - Cheap
            • - Powered by most smartphones


            • - Not the best quality
            • - Can not run powerful applications

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            Who is this product for?

            The reality is, this tool is a perfect buy for anyone interested in Virtual Reality, although can also be used by:

            • Architects
            • Contractors
            • Estate managers
            • Estate Agents
            • Facilities managers
            • Engineers
            • Surveyors


            If you already have a VR Headset check out this VR Ready video from Yantram Studio:

            The Google Cardboard is quite literally a folding cardboard container into which you place your own smartphone and view VR content. This is so appealing because it allows for almost instant access to virtual reality content without having to invest a substantial amount of time or money into a system.

            Virtual Reality videos can be found in many locations on a smartphone including the google cardboard app, YouTube and even Google Street View. The google cardboard app enables you take 360-degree, virtual reality photos and view them through Cardboard. The app stitches together the images audio and will also allow you to add 3D locations onto Google Street VR.

            Imagine you’re going to carry out a site inspection but one of the stakeholders can’t make it. You can pull out your phone and take a video on an app and send it to any of the project stakeholders for viewing in a VR headset? Now that is impressive. The headset can also be used to view 360-degree images from the Google Street View app for iOS and Android.

            Admittedly the Google Cardboard is basic, although it serves perfectly as an ad hoc solution to VR. It enables the viewer to experience virtual 360-degree environments through many different platforms. Making it a perfect purchase for people to dip their toes in and get their first experiences with VR. It’s also very fun!



            Product Versions

            • Google Cardboard with Headstrap

            To purchase visit the Amazon Website.


            Author: Martin Watson

            Lead Editor at Construct Digital – As lead editor Martin reports on topics specifically relating to BIM, digital software and physical technologies which are revolutionising the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry.

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